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APD Fallen Heroes

Douglas Byrne

Badge 04-13

On March 25, 2007, Officer Doug Byrne was responding to a park where a 25-year-old man had collapsed from a life-threatening seizure. As he approached the scene, Officer Byrne lost control of his patrol car, struck a raised median and was ejected from his car. He was flown to the Swedish Medical Center by Airlife Denver and rushed into surgery. Despite the heroic efforts of paramedics, flight nurses and doctors, Officer Byrne succumbed to his injuries during the early morning hours of March 26, 2007.
March 26, 2007

Michael Del Thomas

Badge 82-60

Agent Thomas, a 24-year police veteran, was killed in the line of duty on September 20, 2006. On that date, Agent Thomas was driving to a police department training exercise when he was fatally shot at the intersection of Peoria Street and Montview Blvd. The suspect was arrested at the scene and subsequently found guilty by an Adams County jury.
September 20, 2006

Edward John Hockom

Badge 80-10

On September 18, 1987, Agent Edward Hockom contacted a red Ford pickup which fit the description of a vehicle leaving the scene of an armed robbery at a convenience store ten minutes earlier. The driver, Marvin Walker Jr., shot Agent Hockom and then took off in his pickup. Other Aurora officers pursued the pickup on I-225 and I-70 to I-270, where it stopped after colliding with a police car driven by Patrolman M. Thrapp. Walker was arrested and charged with murder, as well as for three robberies in the hour prior to the shooting. Agent Hockom later died at Denver General Hospital on September 21.
September 21, 1987

Thomas Dietzman Jr.

Badge 80-44

On the morning of August 16, 1985, Officer Dietzman was at the department's firing range to test for a position with SWAT. He had completed the physical agility testing and was the first applicant that day to take the firearms proficiency test. While taking the test, Dietzman was accidentally shot by another officer. Dietzman had been an officer with the Aurora Police Department for about five years.
August 16, 1985

Debra Sue Corr

Badge 80-40

Officer Debra Sue Corr was patrolling alone on June 27, 1981, when she contacted a motorist for a traffic violation in the 1500 block of Moline Street. The motorist, Joseph M. Ervin, broke free as she attempted to arrest and handcuff him. Ervin then took Corr's weapon and shot her. As this was happening, Aurora Explorer Scout Glen Spies passed by and tried to help. Spies was shot in the back, but survived. Ervin was arrested at his home in Aurora as he tried to saw the handcuffs from his wrist. Officer Corr was the first Aurora police officer killed in the line of duty.
June 27, 1981